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How Have the Past 12 Months Been Working For You?

If you’re like most realtors, you’ve had an up-and-down year. We all know about seasonal variations, but there seems to be something else operating. You may have had some spurts of business and then a slow period. Something just feels off — or not as great as it could be.

  • Would you like to close on more properties?
  • Are you tired of listings that take too long to close?
  • Would you like to attract more clients (sellers or buyers)?
  • Do you sometimes feel like there is something blocking a sale?
  • Do you sometimes sense that a property has a less-than-ideal feel to it?
  • Do conventional sales tactics seem to be failing you?


You know the scenarios:

PROPERTY NOT GETTING ATTENTION. The property is priced right. It’s staged beautifully. It’s in a good location. But it’s not getting any attention — or not enough. 

STRANGE FEELING. Everything about the house looks just fine, but there’s this funny feeling you get when you walk in the front door — or a particular room.

CONTRACTS DON’T CLOSE. You get a property under contract, but it keeps falling out for one reason or another.  But you sense that there is a deeper underlying reason.

NOT ENOUGH SALES. You close a sale here and there, and you’re working so hard to get them. You can’t understand why you get so little while others seem to be doing less and getting more.


In any of these scenarios, you could be wracking your brain trying to figure out what’s wrong. Maybe you even start to doubt yourself.

The good news is IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

Maybe it’s the house

It could be that the house is carrying an energy that is preventing buyers from even seeing it — or from feeling comfortable in it if they do see it. It might have energy from previous owners or residents, especially if someone has died there. It could have what we call “entities”. There are different types. Common ones are loved ones who have passed and might be waiting for someone or some thing, loved ones who think this is their home and don’t want anyone else living there, and native entities (we have plenty of these in the Coachella Valley).

If not the house…

It could be that the seller has mixed feelings about selling and is energetically preventing the sale.  This would most likely be unconscious on their part and they might be totally unaware of it.

It could be past life issues between the seller and a prospective buyer that keep the buyer away. This would most likely also be unconscious and could affect the sale whether the parties believe in past lives or not.

What else might it be?

UNCONSCIOUS BLOCKS. You might also have some unconscious blocks that are holding you back from achieving what you want.

Some of my clients have come to me after they lost or delayed sales because of unconscious blocks. It could be feelings of not being worthy/deserving. Or fear of failure.  Even fear of success is surprisingly common. It might even be something as unexpected as fear of becoming famous.  If you close a really big deal, you may not be able to fly under the radar any more. 

PAST LIFE ISSUES. There could also be some residue from a past life connection between you and the seller, or you and the buyer, or the seller and the buyer.


So, what can you do about this?

What can you do about the house?

Luckily it’s relatively easy to clear a property of the energy that is blocking its sale.

For most homes under 2000 square feet, I can usually clear them within about an hour, unless there is a particularly sticky entity.

I start outside and then go through the home, room by room, clearing the blocking energy. I finish by putting some inviting energy around the property to attract people to it. I can also ask the property who it wants to own (let’s face it, the house usually owns us rather than the other way around). Then I enlist the energies of the house and the land to attract those people to it. 

If you’re still reading this, you’re not put off by how “woowoo” this sounds.  Great! You know that old saying, “If what you’re doing isn’t working, try something else!”

What if it’s not the house?

People can be more complicated, but we can make significant shifts in short amounts of time. This is similar to coaching but accelerated and short term. Maybe just a single session — maybe a few.

For most people, the greatest good they could do for themselves is to change their energy.

—Deepak Chopra

Let’s Get Some Perspective

You can think about this work from three perspectives. First, looking just at an individual, especially the seller, the buyer, and most importantly yourself. Second, there are relationships between and among the various parties. It could even be between a human and the land. And third, it could be entities of many different types,



Some of our very best blocks, the ones we are often least aware of, come from within ourselves.

These are often so much a part of our reality that we don’t even notice them. It takes someone else to notice them.

It takes great courage to look inside and yet that is where often the greatest gains can be made.

One of my clients engaged in some self-sabotage and it was only when I asked about it that she realized what she was doing. Once it was conscious, we were able to clear it with ease.



This is all about our relationships with those around us. Family, friends and of course clients.

It could be blocks between the seller and the prospective buyer, the buyer and loan officer, or any combination of people involved in the transaction.

What blocks might be happening here that are holding you back from achieving what you truly desire?

One of my clients had a property manager that was opposed to the deal because he would lose his (very cushy) job. We cleared his energy almost each time we met.



Let’s not forget about the unseen influences in our lives.

Who are we holding on to, or who is holding on to us — or to the property? Is it time for the ties to be unwound so that everyone can move on?

One of my clients had a renter who died while he was living in her property. He died in the hospital but he still thought this house was his home. His energy was especially present in his bedroom. We cleared his energy from the house and allowed him to move on . . . and the property to sell!

Another property was on native land. We were able to enlist the support of native energies to pull in the client that would help the property thrive,

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

—Nikola Tesla

Who Am I and Why Do I Do This Work?

BUSINESS BACKGROUND. I’m an unlikely person to be doing this work. I spent 36 years working in corporate America. My consulting projects ranged from business process reengineering to visioning to team building.

I taught Hewlett-Packard’s Consulting Skills Workshop throughout Europe and parts of Asia for several years. I loved the variety and the challenge of working with diverse people and cultures.

MOTIVATION. Everything changed for me when my mother died in 2003.

More than anything, I wanted to be able to still communicate with her. I worked for several months clearing my own blocks and was finally able to have a conversation with her. Best day of my life!

TRAINING & EXPERIENCE. I started to facilitate friends in connecting with their loved ones and later got certified as a “Talk to the Entities” facilitator with Access Consciousness.

Whereas I had been working with friendly entities that people wanted to communicate with, most of the entities Access works with are less helpful ones — ones that are interfering with our lives in various ways. I loved learning how to clear these entities from our space and thus eliminate the blocks they were causing.

As a quick example, one of my clients kept hearing “How dare you do that??!!!” and it was keeping her from doing some things she really wanted to do. When I asked her whose voice it was, she discovered it was a very critical uncle’s voice. We were able to send him on his way and he has not disturbed her again.

I started working with friends and colleagues who were having upsetting experiences in their homes. I was able to chat with the beings and send them on to their next adventure. Then I realized I could help realtors get those problem properties sold and a new business was born.

PASSION. I love this work because it’s a bit out-of-the-ordinary, can be challenging, and produces such great results! And it’s usually fast too! 


What Do Our Clients Have to Say?

Here’s what a couple of clients say about working with me.

I asked Pat to clear a condo that had had been listed for 6 months with limited serious interest. I knew that it was in a great location, in great shape, and priced right. All I could think was that there was something wrong energetically with the property. One of the rooms did feel odd when I walked in. Pat came in, spent less than an hour going through room by room. She cleared the outside too. The result: the condo sold within a month!

I liked what I saw on the first property so I asked her to work on a house that was under contract but was feeling a bit shaky. It had fallen out of contract twice before and I didn’t want that to happen again. Someone had died while living there. Pat worked her magic and the house closed within the month also!

I have Pat on my team now for whenever a property feels a bit odd and I want to make sure it sells in a timely manner.

Stephen Burchard

Broker Associate Realtor, HomeSmart Professionals

I represented the buying parties in a multi-million dollar real estate transaction that closed escrow in 2018. The transaction was in a stuck position for many many years. There were multiple attempts to put the sale together but all attempts failed in the end. I finally enlisted the help of Ms. Pat Duran and entered into the unknown, to see if we could collaborate with the unseen mystical forces at play in the universe, to help move the property.

After months of working with Pat to clear the energies between the many parties involved and also to clear the energy of the land itself and the former inhabitants of the land, the multitude of blocks in the way of closing the sale seemed to gradually melt away.

Ms. Duran worked with me for months. This work was done by phone, and at the end of each session the possibilities of success seemed more plausible and within reach. I don’t know if this transaction would have come together without Pat’s help! I was so pleased with her work and her professionalism that I paid Pat double what the agreed-upon charge was.

I highly recommend Ms. Duran. Her “energy work,” coupled with her corporate business background, is, in my opinion, a powerful combination that has the very real possibility of bringing about results.


My husband seems to attract spirits and after he came back from Iraq there seemed to me more activity in the house. My boys and I would hear doors close, foot steps and just that odd feeling you were not alone.
One day I noticed our usually lazy cat running about. Then she jumped on the table where I was working…and she never had done that….. and proceeded to climb up on my shoulders and head trying to chase something.   A few minutes later I could hear heavy, raspy breathing.  Nobody was home, all windows were closed. I immediately called Pat to ask if she could help. 

She went through all the rooms and had conversations with the entities that she found. In the hallway bathroom was “Sue”, a spirit who did not realize she had died. Pat cleared the bathroom.   In the master bedroom a female entity that insisted on staying to protect me.  Pat instructed her not to scare the kids.  When Pat entered the garage her whole demeanor changed. I could tell she was surprised by what she sensed.  3 beings who refused to leave because they said that my husband wanted them there.  They were surprised to hear that they were  frightening me and our kids. Pat told them to stay in the garage. 

After my house was cleared, it was quiet.  No spirit disturbances.  Even from the ones who remained.

I never told my husband that Pat had been to the house.  A few weeks later he mentioned being in the garage with his 3 friends who “had his back”.  On further explanation, he informed me these spirits came back with him from Iraq.  He wanted them here.  He said exactly what Pat had told me weeks before!

I was so grateful for Pat.  She gave me peace of mind and a “quiet “ home.  I learned so much from her and passed the knowledge on to our boys so they would not be afraid.



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